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Same Time, Different Day

Artist/Type of Exhibit

Date : Aug 28

Time : 6:00 PM

Floyd Absalon

Lendl Arvin

RC Caringal

Carl Dumdum

Joseph Fraylon

Joyce Ignacio

Ryan Jara

Paula Reyes

Gian Miroe Surban

Kiko Urquiola

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Artist/Type of Exhibit : Wyndelle Remonde

Date : Aug 28

Time : 6:00 PM

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Soft Boiled Landscape

Artist/Type of Exhibit : Teo Esguerra

Date : Aug 28

Time : 6:00 PM

“I found myself gradually moving away from representations. My usual houses slowly melted. I have delved into painting landscapes and objects out of pure imagination without anything to represent in this world, I believe, yet are still familiar.”

Soft Boiled Landscapes, a series of twenty-three pieces of surreal paintings from visual artist and photographer Teo Esguerra, is a surprising body of work that strongly showcases a progression in his practice and techniques as a painter. Evidently influenced by Dali in terms of the irrational landscapes and intimate structures that reside in his paintings, Esguerra continues to create otherworldly yet familiar scenes with uncanny objects that occupy his subconscious.

His recent workshop with Gary-Ross Pastrana helped him explore and understand his morale as an artist by adopting new techniques in thought processes, which he translated and demonstrated in a culminating group exhibition titled First Lesson/ an after school special. Soft Boiled Landscapes follow suit, this time, strongly affirming his play with personal memory, experience and thoughts.

Known for painting over his photographs, the exhibition cements the artist’s identity employing the same darkroom techniques but with a transcended state of mind. Esguerra’s photos hold the realities he cannot control but the paint has the power to alter the impressions of his perspectives. His approach is instinctive and more meditative than ever appropriating automatism when painting.

While his previous successful exhibitions, Beach Houses (2016) and Migrations (2017), feature dark and gritty textures, Soft Boiled Landscapes has smoother backdrops but retains the gravelly structures that have now melted. Overall, the exhibition invites us to release the representations that we are looking for in his works and celebrate the process of transformation Esguerra is undergoing.

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