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An Analog Ground in the Digital Sea

Artist/Type of Exhibit : Neil DC

Date : Nov 14

Time : 6:00 PM

In this modern world where everything is massive, fast, and subject to change at any moment’s notice, sending out any kind of message gets drowned out in the noise. Too many people with too many messages. And each one demanding to be heard. Often all at the same time.

We’re living in a sea of information. Waves come and go. Some ride the waves, some are content getting wiped out. And nobody, maybe except the unprepared and the unlucky are drowning.

In the process of this series, we ceased being part of the social media scene. Facebook, Instagram. Twitter. We shut them down and awaited for what we assumed was silence.

Our disconnect didn’t stop the world. But it gave us a small window to rise above the garbled noise.

We scream. We shout.

We did not as a call for help or a cry for attention. But because we felt like making a sound.

To show we’re alive. That is neither positive nor negative. Just showed that we feel. Old-fashioned, analog feelings.

In a world that we often view as maybe spinning too fast, we stopped to catch our breath.

A whistle in the dark.

A hum while we work.

A speech when no one is listening.

An analog ground in the digital sea. Which in all probability means nothing in the long run. It will only matter to those who think it matters. We did nothing important.

Nothing dramatic.

Nothing to make the world change.

We’re here to enjoy the moment we surfaced from the digital world. And hung around long enough to know that this neither helped nor harmed us. It was just something we are all allowed to do every now and then.

And guess what? We’re diving back in the digital sea after we breathe our last gulp. Because digital is still the world where we live in.

The ANALOG SIGNAL fades when we do.

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Artist/Type of Exhibit : Atsuko Yamagata

Date : Nov 14

Time : 6:00 PM

Memories are the lifeblood of the human experience. Underneath hollow skeletons of flesh and bone, memories animate the soul. It is the driving force of the living. It creates identity, transforms experience, shifts perspective, and influences choice. It is both cause and effect. But despite its power, memory is not immune to the limitations of this temporal plane.

Memory is delicate. It blurs as it accumulates. It fades as time passes. Fragile and fleeting, it carries within its wisp a quality that’s both elusive yet unyielding. It stains itself on the threads of our history, yet all stains fade over time. But despite this natural tendency, we grasp for remembrance. We document moments, create landmarks, and leave clues, all in the hopes that we never forget.

In Remembrance, Atsuko Yamagata delves into the country’s tumultuous past and gives breath to a relic and life to a memory. Unprejudiced by emotion, she dives headfirst into retrospect. With an artifact that symbolizes an era of oppression, she takes it apart and weaves it together to create a keyhole into the past. She manipulates material and transforms it into a living, breathing organism. It moves into our consciousness and makes itself known. Remembrance, at it’s very core, is an act of preservation. In Remembrance, Atsuko makes witnesses of us all.



Artist/Type of Exhibit Carlo Ricafort & Christian Rothmaler

Date : Nov 14

Time : 6:00 PM

CR CR is double, yet no copies.  Masked raiders 7 finger handed. Broken eagle drowning eyes drones.  Fractured street life under a moon, which is either conquered by CR or world’s futurous comfort room.

With this exhibition, Carlo Ricafort and Christian Rothmaler present a playful challenge that questions authorship and artists’ egos.  So, CR & CR had to leave their comfort rooms and put themselves into another CR:

Confrontation Room / Creation Room / Confusion Room / Copy Room / Challenge Room

Thus, creating a hybrid or new disorientation between the two makers.

Viewing the works certain shapes look familiar, but it leaves a fractured impression, as form and content got shaken in a drift of translation.

While so called social media through the internet floods our brain with truthless positivity and advice for creating more and more comfort zones, the paintings in this show become another social media, which questions through semi-abstract se(e)miotics and claim paintings’ potential be at least as virtual and as real as those virtual realities made of 1 and 0.

Hamburg and San Francisco coalescing in Manila; cities by water, porous for exchange.  In this case – visual translations which may be misinterpreted, have room for glitches and imperfections – a possible way nature asserts itself in this digital world.

Look down, count your fingers, take of your mask and think!

And if one is still craving for advice, step out of your comfort zone and do as CR & CR did: “working twice as hard, to be half as cool” ™.