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Microwaved Popcorn

Artist/Type of Exhibit : Grecho Iniel, Rolf Campos, Beejay Esber, Sidney Valdez, Gab Baez

Date : September 22, 2017

Time : 6:00PM


Microwaved Popcorn (Buttered Colonel is Retiring)


and combust


Horses, like stars,

Light, from the sun,


at the livery




Sit down

for a final

meal (movie)




Taxed tripe                                                                                                                       Salt your clothes


Ticketed thyme                                                        Search for flavor



Tasteless toast                                       Select your snack



Explosions are coming



——//–Timothy Dodd


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Proof of Presence

Artist/Type of Exhibit Erick Encinares

Date : Aug 31, 2017

Time : 6:00PM

POP 101

A portrait is a portrayal of traits by a face bound to appear. The layers of idiosyncrasies that prop this countenance are the groundworks for the look to rise and meet scrutiny. This appearance (proof of presence—pop!) subjects its underlying quirks to a series of demanding tests, like unfriendly pokes, sarcastic prods, slow mo jabs, protracted jolts, shoves with ridicule, tired likes, to prepare itself for the ultimate emergence.

- Emmanuel Migrino

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Unknown Quantity

Artist/Type of Exhibit : Bato

Date : Aug 31, 2017

Time : 6:00PM

An object on a constant state of motion can be forced to change direction by different unknown quantities. In the depths of one’s thoughts a cloudy haze covers the blank space of his mind. Navigating through the darkness he seeks answers to his questions. As one delves deeper and deeper into the recesses of his mind he comes back to his senses and wakes up, engulfed in a sea of people. Pushing and pulling, he finds himself in the middle of a hallway, sandwiched between skins; a stark contrast from the solitary confines of his studio. The lines of thought and reality blurs as the two converge into one. His studio melds with the collected images in his mind. The different environs he came across as he was looking for inspiration opens a door in his once blank mind. As the pieces fit together like a puzzle, visions that were not there before becomes more striking and vivid. It becomes real.

Bato’s Unknown Quantity is a portrayal of the artist’s process and how variables such as society, environment, experiences and memories synchronously form into a translation of what is playing inside the artist’s sea of thoughts.

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