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When you fly its easy to get lost in the sky – nosigns, no street names to guide you, only mountains and fields, sky and ocean.

It becomes an endless abstraction of greens and blues that can be hard to identify. But there are certain points within the landscape that will remain distinct: the waypoints.


In Waypoints, Katrina Andrews shows howin an endless landscape, a field of abstracted rice fields or a maze of mountains, you will find a somewhat unique establishment you can identify as part of a specific town. You will find a river that stands out with a certain shape to it, maybe a bridge or two, or a cement factory. These waypoints are what every pilot, recognizes: a marker of where they are, how far away they are from the base and from the destination.

The Artist/Pilot shows in her painting series the mix of familiar and unfamiliar. That Déjà vu moment she feels when flying.

Kat combines her experiences and what she sees from the cockpit with the art works she creates. Pre flight check, which is repeatedly a standard operational procedure, gives Kat a base with abstraction that was first influenced by Piet Mondrian. Her art process has precise steps and layers, a repeated procedure to get the end result.

Her geometric shapes not only emulate field patterns, but also recreate theworn-out feelingand the fading of runway lines and track marks thatplanes have leave and taxied over day in and day out.

Whilst the painted images show us a clearer view of the waypoints, in particular the ones concerning the Vigan Airport route which on its own is also a way point to a further flight destination, it is a preparation for Laoag – Pagudpud route.

Kat’s unique Experience of being an artist and a pilot has given her a different perspective on both fields, which she combines and uses to create her art works.

“For once you have tasted flight you will walk the earth with your eyes turned skywards, for there you have been and there you will long to return” – Leonardo da Vinci

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Artist/Type of Exhibit : Bato

Date : October 6, 2016

Time 6PM

” The first half of life consist of the capacity to enjoy without the chance; the last half consist of the chance without the capacity” -Mark Twain


As the morning dew drips on the glass of the window, the alarm stikes 5.  The sheets are all turned inside out with the blanket that still embraces. The cold breeze from the fan caresses your face carrying the chill of the morning. ” Another great day ahead of me” you murmured unto yourself as you decide if you are going to go for another 5 minute extension.  Your eyes are half open and still longing for another minute to be closed yet you gather your strength to stand up fast forwarding your thoughts to the day ahead.  The morning shower is always a disaster. It always feel colder with every drizzle that damps your skin, yet you endure.

You hurdle to the door as the morning sun illuminates the metro. You are at the end of a lengthy line that races to reach the platform of the station. A row of large sardines cans; that was what you have in mind seeing people struggle to fit inside the metal carriages of the transit.   “Will I be able to reach in time? ” you say to yourself, as if It feels like the clock runs faster and faster as your heart beat races while thinking of the possible memo that will greet you atop your desk, yet you withstand.

“Is this what I was destined to be?” A random thought clings inside of your mind while you ponder the deadlines that are due tomorrow.  At almost 11 pm it is hard to catch a ride from the office to the terminal, the transit was not an option for it only runs until 10. Without a choice you stride 20 minutes  to reach the bus stop.  You position yourself on the window side and mutter,” just a quick nap”.

The alarm goes off. As you open your eyes your 5 minute extension is over.

Our choices in life are always affected by many aspects, but will always lead to you and your decisions for yourself alone.  Is this what we were destined to be? Or maybe we are just confined within our comfort zones and left with the one decision that makes everything Routinary.

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Extended Play

Artist/Type of Exhibit : Various Artists

Date : September 3, 2016

Time : 8PM

The walls of Vinyl on Vinyl has seen many lifetimes, with layers of paint and polish strewed across the cement, many frames come and gone, a mayhem of colors and figures splashed against the grain, and endless faces peering in its crafted flesh and coating. From the creative hub of the collective, to the gritty warehouse the gallery can call its own, Vinyl on Vinyl has found itself past five and shows no signs of slowing down.

For six years Vinyl on Vinyl has given an undeniably eclectic and one of a kind stage for the contemporary pop culture artists that yearned for an unconventional platform that can keep up with their explorations in art. Influenced and inspired by contemporary, pop surrealism, underground and street art, the gallery has remained true to its origins and has always put the things that matter most at the helm of operations: the art and the artist.

With a roster of diversely talented artists under their belt, a growing family both locally and internationally, and an undying hunger to showcase art that provokes and speaks, Vinyl on Vinyl continues to bring people together in the celebration and appreciation of the culture revolution that is art.

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