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Artist/Type of Exhibit Teo Esguerra

Date June 16, 2017

Time 6:00 PM

Visual artist and photographer Teo Esguerra’s second solo exhibition, Migrations, is his ode to an unknown future.  It is an introspection of his state as an artist that hasn’t completely overcome self-doubt yet is bravely forging an eloquent path towards baring himself through his art.


Migrations consists of thirteen pieces of artworks that are purely confessional in tone and nature. One of his subjects, the Bird House, is a remnant of his previously successful exhibition, Beach Houses. Along with the migratory birds as his central subjects, Esguerra transforms into both – the fragile avian species that knows its destination; and the structure that is the dwelling place of the latter.


But while the artist relates himself to his subjects, he is still uncertain of his own destination. He hasn’t been completely uprooted from his childhood home and still holds an undeniable fear of failure.  He treats the existence of his creations and the act of creating as a temporary resting place and activity before he proceeds to his next endeavor.


As Esguerra digs deeper into his own personal well and exposes himself, viewers are invited to peek into a real birdhouse. The artist intentionally created the birdhouses as an interactive experience of peeking into the future. Each structure contains a resolute image of different migratory birds taken by Esguerra during his trip to Japan. Inside one of the birdhouses is a surprising appearance of personal artifacts that was once a physical part of the artist and his significant other.


Migrations displays a “coming of age” aura as Esguerra continues to refine his form and intentions. He believes that art should always be personal and intends to explore this territory as long as he can. The dark and gritty presentation of his works are only a façade to his deep character and high hopes.


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Tar Pits

Artist/Type of Exhibit : Tokwa Penaflorida

Date : May 11, 2017

Time : 6PM

Various fauna have been trapped in pools of natural asphalt for millennia, their remains a record of their struggle–exhaustion, starvation, asphyxiation, exposure– and the lead up to their eventual decomposition. In Tar Pits, artist Tokwa Penaflorida utilizes dark, flowing, watercolour washes to re-imagine the weight of helplessness and of being held a prisoner inside your own head. Pins and needles, insomnia, hallucinations, mania, and an overarching sense of resignation keeps this void swirling, with blobs that make stifled popping sounds–miniature implosions and gasps.

As he slowly climbs out of the pit, Penaflorida shifts his focus on the vulnerability, solemnity, and the non-physical pain of his subjects. The series of paintings are fossils of the artist’s ordeal, like markers saying this dark place was never an uncharted territory. It gives comfort to those in the brink of sinking completely or those staying afloat in the viscous blackness.

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Artist/Type of Exhibit : Renz Bautista

Date : May 11, 2017

Time : 6PM

Every day, humans are thrust into battles with adversaries that manifest themselves in different forms. Married couples face financial difficulties. Athletes are impaired by injuries. Families mourn the loss of a loved one.

Even the greats had their fair share of the fight. Van Gogh and Kusama with their mental disorders and Pollock’s numerous rejections early in his career. Everyone has their own battle to conquer. The struggle seems endless but surely there is a light at the end of the tunnel.

The scars that are left in the wake of these battle are proofs that with human weakness comes strength. Once our limitations and fears are accepted, our strong suit will appear.

In “Kalaban,” Renz Baustista captures the various personal battles we face in our lifetime. For some, “kalaban” may literally be an enemy, colleague, fear, defeat, death or even the tussle of everyday life. In the end, it is the foe that awakens our strength.




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