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Mayi Exhibit

Garden Memento by Mayi

Artist/Type of Exhibit : Mayi Penaflorida

Date : Feb 10, 2016

Time : 6PM

Inside our heads is a secret garden. Fairies, nymphs, and angels tend to its overgrowth, distorting the reality in which we find meaning. The moment we are called to age and keep pace with the world, we irrevocably abandon this quiet place and pass by it every so often, sometimes not even glance at it at all. Garden Memento by Mayi is a story of the artist revisiting this lost paradise and awakening her forgotten youth, picking up trinkets she left behind from a distant time. Eyes big with wonder and innocence are enshrined inside doll-like faces that exude a certain childishness and utter sophistication. Amidst the beauty of lush and green foliage, these charming faces reflect Mayi’s amusement with the arts as a child and how she was afraid to show it to the world. It’s a secret she kept to herself, and she locked it away as the call of reality stormed in, especially when she started her family. Her soft and controlled brush strokes are similar to garden tools unearthed beneath the weeds of neglect, where she uses them swiftly and with caution to create pavements for the viewers to step on. It seems as if the lock was timed, and now is the time she shares it with people and takes us deep into a leisurely stroll into her fantasy world. Garden Memento questions what is real and what is fantasy, and if living in one world meant complete abandonment of the other. It imparts a truth that the longer the imagination is kept hidden, the wilder it flourishes

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Exhibit Transit



Date : Feb 10, 2016

Time : 6PM

“Art is, after all, only a trace – like a footprint which shows that one has walked bravely and in great happiness.”
― Robert Henri

Past 5:30 am the alarm went off ready for a new start, with an aching head and sore feet from last night, you remembered that staying up late was not your thing anymore since you got the job in the firm. Sipping a coffee as you ponder what will be your boss’ complaints today, maybe the team’s inability to comply with the deadline? The printer’s ink run dry, or maybe the extreme traffic? The hell do you care, for your only concern is your daily routine of going to work and finishing this whole damn Monday“ The coffee was good!” you told yourself, it jacked up your senses then you followed it by 2 sticks of cigarettes. You exhaled the last smoke in your lungs and flicked the cigarette butt towards the sidewalk as you rush towards the terminal. The morning commute was like a life changing machine for most of the people, you leave the house a gentle heart, the next thing you know is you are boxing out your spot to be the first in line.  At exactly 7:15 standing on the platform you noticed something different, as the approaching train gets clearer, your heart beats faster as the scene from last night’s action at the yard superimposed the present scenery your eyes are projecting to your brain. The train you made throw ups with the crew last night was still rolling up to this morning.  The chrome spray filled letters with black outlines and white highlights floats on top of the train’s preset factory paint. “This isn’t a normal day” you utter to yourself. “This is the best day ever “you followed up. As you proceed to hop on the train entrance. The thought fades and you continued to proceed your normal morning.

One common thing with most of Graffiti writers is the urge to create, to put up something from their virtuosity to the surfaces for the people. The writer manipulates them with précised lines with patterns equipped with striking explosion of hue and letters that flows harmoniously.

An act of vandalism, a pure waste of money and time as for the commoners, but Graffiti can be considered mainly as passion for the people practicing it, investing on something that wont give back anything in return, The way they live with it and live by the ways of it provides them with ecstasy; the feeling of fulfillment.

A caravan of the country’s top graffiti crews took part on this exhibition to inveigle you with the essence of the Philippine graffiti culture. Here you don’t need tickets, you don’t need to sneak in, just enjoy as we take you to the TRANSIT.

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Urbanized Indio by Kris Abrigo

Artist/Type of Exhibit : Kris Abrigo

Date : Jan. 21, 2016

Time : 6PM

“Urbanized Indio” is a personal narrative about the artist’s experiences after moving from rural communes to urban conditions.

Life is a constant flow by which the artist is swimming across every demographics that exist side by side in the capital city. Everyday is a conflicting social experiment; the society is characterized with the extremes of the society. The super rich are passing through the poorest people in the streets. The artist is always amused by these contrasts and distinct differences.

There is a surreal sensation of having to interact and make friends with the upper class and at the same time fitting to the kinfolk of the lower ones. The intention of the exhibit is to feature the ability to uplift and elevate ones life by transcending absolute traditions and obsolete beliefs.

Paintings are the recognizable Geometric Hyper Color Urban Pop Contemporary style with a hint of social realism in the most obscure way.  Images are collected memories and experiences with people and places. The main subjects will be portraits and landscapes that will range from popular celebrities to common people of the streets, from cityscapes to rural natural sceneries mixed up and juxtaposed with each other.

For this exhibit, the artist will be showing brand new works that are both indoor and outdoor installations. A set of small canvases is to be installed as a series. Individual small to medium sized artworks will also be on display. A monumental mural outside the gallery will be one of the highlights of this exhibit.

Kris Abrigo is a sculptor, a painter and an illustrator, just to name a few. He studied in Fine Arts and majored in Visual Communication in UP Diliman. He has won a national sculpture competition and has had a handful of group shows under his belt. His work has gained much visibility over the years from doing street art for a year and doing illustrations and set designs for magazines, to creating murals for commercial and residential spaces, and crafting design sculptures for a furniture shop. This is his second solo at Vinyl On Vinyl.

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