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Lala Poster lo viv

Days by Lala Gallardo

Artist/Type of Exhibit : Lala Gallardo

Date : March 31, 2016

Time : 6PM

The theme of the exhibit is heavily influenced by the photography of Corinne Day, the British artist whose style and vision ushered in the distinct, pared-down aesthetic of fashion photography in the early 1990s. Her work represented a new direction that was a reaction to the excess of the 1980s. She photographed women whose bodies and features were the antithesis of the glamorous supermodel. And she placed them against backgrounds that were decidedly dreary: the bare interiors of an empty apartment, a nondescript bedroom, and the stark, grungy tiles of a bathroom. These scenes celebrated ordinariness and found beauty in the mundane.

For this show, the paintings will be of women in varying states of “undone”: makeup runny, hair mousy, bra straps falling. The wax figurines will be of women melting onto the glass. The colors will be muted and the mood, melancholic.

These works are a sort of documentation of the stage of life where the artist finds herself now: the creepy quiet of the calm after the party, or the settling in of middle age. They represent the point of view of a woman no longer a girl, a woman who now faces days of monotony. Hers is a life defined by the routine of work, childcare and suburbia. These pieces are meant to embody the longing for a childhood gone by too fast.

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Electric Bulalo Painting in Exile invite for VoV_exhibit

Electric Bulalo: Painting in Exile

Artist/Type of Exhibit : Manuel Ocampo, Timo Roter, Maria Cruz, Lizza May David, Carlo Ricafort, Juan Carlos Quintana

Date : Feb 27, 2016

Time : 7PM

If the act of painting is a dunce corner, then scribbled on the walls is the exhibition’s title, Electric Bulalo: Painting in Exile. This is not an exhibition that waits to exhale but pounces on the opportunity sometimes inappropriately and unsightly.  There is something primal to eating a bowl of bulalo which carries the DNA flavor profile of MSG.  Similar to painting, its carnal, unapologetic and could be potential for cardiac arrest.

Sourced from 6 studios in Hamburg, Berlin, Baler, Manila, Oakland and San Francisco painting as exile becomes a reenactment to find a real or imagined home.  As immigrants, expats and transnationals, the studio takes on many purposes becoming a vacuum for a self-imposed exile, a space to regurgitate and reassemble free-floating meanings, and dance to electric boogaloo.

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Arkiv Exhibit

Imprinted Memories by Arkiv

Artist/Type of Exhibit : Arkiv Vilmansa

Date : Feb 10, 2016

Time : 6PM

Art is born from the memories that grip us and never quite let go. Despite turbulent pools of untamed energies and emboldened hues, with a simple tug on nostalgia and a nudge on the familiar, ambiguity is materialized and chaos is contained within a canvas.

In ‘Imprinted Memories’ Arkiv Vilmansa takes a step back and reminisces the heroes of his childhood and the muses of his works. With bold abstraction, Arkiv gives us a glimpse into imprinted memories.

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