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Artist/Type of Exhibit : Mayi Penaflorida

Date : April 19

Time : 6:00 PM

The moment you doubt you can fly, you cease forever to be able to do it

-J.M Barrie, Peter Pan

Playing is a child’s way of nurturing their creativity and spontaneity. Whether they’re with friends or by themselves, or in a playground or in their room, the act of getting lost in their imagination helps them understand people, objects, nature, and more importantly, themselves. It is a vast and seemingly endless exploration.

In her second solo show, Playtime, Mayi works around the theme of children in their own magical world. She emphasizes the depth and unfiltered make-believe that young minds can come up with through playing, which is a physical, emotional, intellectual, and social exercise. Her intricate and eloquent painting style translates both the genius and innocence of a child’s cognition which adults easily dismiss as mere child’s play.

Inspired by Ms. Peregrine’s Home for Peculiar Children and Peter Pan, Mayi put together a series of paintings that explore the idea of youth and finding awe in oddities. Eyes big with wonder, Mayi’s doll-like figures lure people back into their own personal voyages they might have abandoned in pursuit of ‘reality.’

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Drawing The Line

Artist/Type of Exhibit Annie Pacana Lumbao

Date : March 1

Time : 6:00 PM

We have a shared experience of the city and an intimate relationship with it in our own travels. It is both a public and a private experience. With every encounter, the city becomes legible yet remains elusive. We watch things go by whether we stay still or keep moving. We look up and see thick wires distracting our view of a clear sky. Lines connect and intersect, pile one by one, accumulate, entangle. They reflect an organic view of our urban lives against the order imposed by the artificial city. Spaces are marked territories. Lines demarcate, contain, set limits. We negotiate, violate, push boundaries. We draw the line, and then go past it.
A compilation of views of the urban landscape is expressed thru lines in Kaleidoscape,
presenting a counter mapping of daily encounters of infrastructures. It goes through the city, aestheticizing its chaos and, in the process, escapes it. Setting inanimate objects in motion in a kaleidoscope view, it distorts reality into abstraction and attempts to hypnotize to alter one’s state of consciousness. It brings the viewer into an awareness of the things in urban society that works similarly. One Still Frame is a depiction of an image along a timeline. In its stillness, it is moving. The work experiments with the nature of moving images, allowing the process to contribute to the form, and remains open to technology’s limitations and peculiarities. In a freeze frame, viewers are caught between motion and stillness with the lines tracing the gallery walls.  Outside, we realize, the line goes on.
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False Apparitions

Artist/Type of Exhibit Don Dalmacio

Date : March 1

Time : 6:00 PM

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