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About the Gallery

Vinyl on Vinyl is an eclectic venue merging art, designer toys and music in one space.  The art gallery is dedicated to featuring modern-day pop culture artists seeking to find a venue to showcase and explore their art amidst the conformities of the norm.  The gallery space reflects the lifestyle and passion of its artists influenced by contemporary, pop surrealism, underground and street art.Its uniqueness lies in selecting artists who delve into various contemporary and cultural interests and immediate experiences through the visual language and techniques of commercial and fine art alike.Vinyl on Vinyl continues to create a portal where the local and international art community can transcend, forging its mission to be the catalyst for this type of movement in the Philippines.The past 4 years have been a remarkable myriad of countless exhibitions. As much as we are sad to leave the brightly painted walls of our origin, we are excited at the promise of new opportunities and experiences in our new space. We ask that you celebrate with us as we hold our inaugural set of exhibitions- The culminating first of many to come.
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