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Lines Outside The Lines

Artist/Type of Exhibit Rolf Campos, Randy Constantino, Rose Delfin, Jhalanie Matuan, Rene Bituin

Date : March 1

Time : 6:00 PM

In the sequence of letters, it follows that A is preceded by B, then B by C, and so on. Rearranging the letters constructs a word and the structuring of these words creates a phrase or a sentence. The coherence depends upon the methodologies of arrangement. For narratives of formalities, there is an expected order; a progression that translates the statements into a systematic string of continuity. Out of this complex of abstracts, of structured words/phrases/sentences and of cerebral compositions, develops the ideas that can be verbalized, transposed into images or be given a tangible form with capacities for intellectual significance and weight. It is logical and could be exacting and indifferent, whereas, in a free and creative accumulation of words, the structure can be attributed with rhythm, exaggerations, aesthetically imbalance and other idiosyncratic pursuits.

From these creative accumulations comes this premise. The impulsive inventiveness that seeks to conceive forms by means of rudimentary elements and compelled by distinctive dispositions, operating from beyond the enclave of the academic and scholarly spectrum. As the discourse on artistic possibilities and barriers become more profound from the vantage point of the intellect, aesthetics and culture, and social politics, there are practitioners that are unperturbed by such sophistications and
approach the subject of art making with a nuanced candidness.

A simplicity that might be dismissed as naivety but are derived more from folkloric perceptions, bucolic sensitivities, an existential plight or visionary acuity through an altered state of consciousness. As we revert to the proposition of rearranging letters to create words, then phrases and then literary arrangements of coherent meaning, so too should we take into account the impetuous methods of creation. The seemingly untrained, non sequential and merely instinctive laying down of lines and color that concludes into a visual poetry.

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Prime Meridian

Artist/Type of Exhibit

Date : March 1

Time : 6:00 PM

Prime Meridian

Serving as starting point on both sides of where you are, as a pivot to where you want be, a meridian marker distinguishes the flow of influence and inspiration from all possible directions to allow the development of daring new cultures. The meridian measures a length of desire to be crossed, thus establishing prime points of interest in the process, presenting exciting mixtures and fresh discoveries.
Prime Meridian delineates key practices that will determine the next ground of expression, the product of community and exchange. This exhibit presents a variety of cutting edge contemporary art from both hemispheres that will foster a unique artistic dialogue and a progressive direction in the future.




Artist/Type of Exhibit : Fiona Helena, Gerecho Iniel, Karina Ulpindo, Cenon Norial x Mav Bernardo, Ikea Rizalon, Neil Arvin Javier, Rowshan Begum, Tiffany Lafuente

Date : February 10

Time : 6:00 PM

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