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The Diary of Jellyfish Kisses: CHAPTER 2 ZODIAC DISCO

Artist/Type of Exhibit : Anton Belardo

Date : May 16

Time : 6:00 PM

Zodiac Disco is the sophomore autobiographical narrative of Jellyfish Kisses; The second chapter of his visual confessional from his diary—the bridges built or burned, his heartbreaks, drunken musings and hazy imaginings on the oftentimes foggy dance floor.

An Aquarian with an affinity to the colder outer planet Uranus; The alignments of the celestial bodies in his astrological birth chart has charted his social destiny to be as lopsided and frigid as his symbolic planet. Yet in the haze and pulsating lights of the dance floor, equipped with an arsenal of cosmic knowledge, he navigated the social landscape of the scene and learned to adapt to a gamut of temperaments. This new strategy placed him in a more empathic vantage point, giving him a clearer picture of the characters in his life. Reinforcing the zodiacal theories to their actual personalities.

What was meant to be a research turned into something quite intimate and personal. As the movements of his body, eye contact and touch express the non-verbal, the signals eventually found a beloved like a bee to a flower. Half of the works is a documentation of a lover’s dance—The intense feeling of excitement and anticipation, and the ebbing and flowing of affection. The other half documents the blossoming of his platonic affection for the people closest to him especially two artist friends, as expressed by inside jokes, video games, fashion and other shared memories.


Apart from Paintings on canvas he sought to explore new ideas, themes which is expressed in his soft-sculpture installation recreating the energy and the post-party experience.


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Prickling Under The Skin

Artist/Type of Exhibit : Pin Calacal

Date : May 16

Time : 6:00 PM

Pin Calacal continues her exploration of the body and cacti as forms that manifest underlying tensions within a
person’s emotional state and fraught relations with others. In “Prickling Under the Skin”, the body figures as a
dual site, an index for an intimacy that may be regarded as two-faced. The tactile sense of skin reproduced in cacti
forms invite one’s touch, as much as the thorns and hair repel this touch away. Calacal remains fascinated with
the notion of eliciting both aversion and desire, of finding oneself “trapped or embraced, grabbed or lured.” It is
this very dynamic, stemming from everyday, human interactions, that feeds into her art.
Growing cacti is an activity that the artist herself enjoys, as the daily tasks of tending to a garden serve to create a
personal refuge. Thus, its representation points to a conscious psychic detachment from external forces, a
withdrawal into the inner world. Yet, even one’s inner sanctum can be characterized by unease, by an anxious
distance that allows longing but never fulfillment. Cacti encroach both foreground and background, threatening
to take up the remaining space as if they had been left unattended and had grown wild. There is a closeness that
teethers on suffocation, but no tenderness in contact.
And yet again, the cacti themselves, though representative of pain and discomfort, reveal facets of sensitivity.
Their spines, after all, are less aggressive affronts against others than ways to survive harsh, external conditions.
Their exteriors conceal fragilities. Do we not ourselves do the same? It seems fitting then that in some works, as
disjointed arms and limbs extend beyond layers of cacti, they seem to grow spines and thorns themselves. In
reaching out, they also seemingly repel. Indeed, it may appear that our desires are rooted in such– the unease of a
distanced tenderness, the longing that keeps everything at bay.

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Artist/Type of Exhibit : Archie Oclos

Date : April 19

Time : 6:00 PM

Kadalasang mabagal at kalmado ang nakikita nating kilos ng mga kalabaw ngunit sila ay malalakas at matatatag. Nais kong maipakita ang kanilang kalakasan at pagiging agresibo sa mga likhang sining ko. Bilang galing din ako sa pamilya ng mga magsasaka sa Bicol Catanduanes. Nakikita ko ang mga kalabaw, ang mga magsasaka at ang mga katutubo, ramdam na ramdam ko ang kanilang kasipagan at paghihirap upang mapangalagaan ang lupa. Kaso nakikita ko rin sa reyalidad ng mga buhay nila ang hindi makatarungang pagtrato sa kanila, walang kakayanang makapag-ari ng lupang sakahan at lupang ninuno, kadalasan din ay ang pandarahas at pagpatay sa kanila kung sila man ay lumaban at mapagtanggol ang kanilang mga lupa. Sa kadahilanang iyon, iniangkop ko ito sa imahe ng mga kalabaw na palaban, galit at akmang pasugod na tumatakbo.

Nagkakaroon ng pakikipagtunggalian sa mga maling sistema na bumabalot sa kanilang pamumuhay. Nakikipagtunggali upang dumepensa at lumaban para sa kanilang karapatan. Iba iba man ng mga pananaw pero nagiging malakas kung nagkakaisang tumutunggali sa mali. Nais kong maipaalaala na walang mali sa pakikipaglaban, may mali kaya lumalaban para sa panininindigan at buhay.

Ayon kay Abraham Sarmiento Jr., ” Kung hindi tayo kikibo, sino ang kikibo? Kung hindi tayo kikilos, sino ang kikilos? Kung hindi ngayon, kailan pa? “

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