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The Doctor Is In

Artist/Type of Exhibit : Alvin Villaruel

Date : September 19

Time : 6:00 PM

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Made To Last

Artist/Type of Exhibit : Jel Suarez & Shinji Manlangit

Date : September 19

Time : 6:00 PM

Nothing is made to last but there is a call—a need to make an impact, or be remembered and not forgotten. It is human. We remember things and store them in our memory in which some we recall, and others we forget. There are cave paintings, hieroglyphs, sculptures, photographs, videos, and Instagram posts that show how we have been capturing, saving, and extending moments from the very start.

In Made to Last, Jel Suarez and Shinji Manlangit piece together audio and video snippets from the last seven months of their lives, each one processed through the individuals separately and put together in various forms of media: an installation, a zine, and a visual poem shot in Benguet and Taipei.

One by one, Suarez places a hundred ceramic bottles, meticulously going through each piece, matching its environment. Manlangit films the entire process. What’s left behind is framed through the lens, often zooming in on the details, exploring how one placement affects the whole. From what is captured, Suarez gathers snapshots, inverting and subverting them in a series of collages and hand-drawn images, stapled together in the zine. Manlangit then splices the footage together along with ambient sounds recorded throughout the process and paired it with his writing.

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Same Time, Different Day

Artist/Type of Exhibit

Date : Aug 28

Time : 6:00 PM

Floyd Absalon

Lendl Arvin

RC Caringal

Carl Dumdum

Joseph Fraylon

Joyce Ignacio

Ryan Jara

Paula Reyes

Gian Miroe Surban

Kiko Urquiola

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