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Wistful Wanderings

Artist/Type of Exhibit : Dan Barry

Date : September 22, 2017

Time : 6:00PM

The artworks in Dan Barry’s Wistful Wanderings exhibition have been created in 2017 and on one level are a reflection upon the fragility of human life, loss, transitions and anxiety. Additionally, the series chronicles the artist’s daily personal response to the general climate of dread and chaos found in current world events. For those who choose to take the time to engage with these mixed media drawings, it is Barry’s hope that some of the works utter a delicate whisper, while others deal a more brutal blow.

As with previous series of artworks, the creation of each art object, from beginning to end, is a purgative and meditative process for Barry.  Creation begins with the collecting and gathering of antique frames, found paper and ephemera – close to home and on the artist’s trips abroad. Finding inspiration in these collected objects, images and surfaces, Barry begins to combine them, creating layers of images, textural beauty, applying meticulous drawing techniques – thus building up a history of marks.  The resulting art objects contain surreal visions and personal narratives. Although left intentionally ambiguous in narrative, it is the artist’s intention to provide the viewer with enough signifiers of meaning, and hopefully an emotional charge, thus allowing you to derive your own personal meanings.

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Microwaved Popcorn

Artist/Type of Exhibit : Grecho Iniel, Rolf Campos, Beejay Esber, Sidney Valdez, Gab Baez

Date : September 22, 2017

Time : 6:00PM


Microwaved Popcorn (Buttered Colonel is Retiring)


and combust


Horses, like stars,

Light, from the sun,


at the livery




Sit down

for a final

meal (movie)




Taxed tripe                                                                                                                       Salt your clothes


Ticketed thyme                                                        Search for flavor



Tasteless toast                                       Select your snack



Explosions are coming



——//–Timothy Dodd


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Proof of Presence

Artist/Type of Exhibit Erick Encinares

Date : Aug 31, 2017

Time : 6:00PM

POP 101

A portrait is a portrayal of traits by a face bound to appear. The layers of idiosyncrasies that prop this countenance are the groundworks for the look to rise and meet scrutiny. This appearance (proof of presence—pop!) subjects its underlying quirks to a series of demanding tests, like unfriendly pokes, sarcastic prods, slow mo jabs, protracted jolts, shoves with ridicule, tired likes, to prepare itself for the ultimate emergence.

- Emmanuel Migrino

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