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Artist/Type of Exhibit : Erick Encinares

Date : April 22, 2016

Time : 7PM

Known primarily for his music, Erick Encinares has also produced a significant amount of artwork that spans almost two decades alongside his involvement with the art-house rock band, The Sleepyheads. Throughout his other career as an artist, Encinares has taken the role of custodian for memorabilia and other collectibles, as he continues to champion the culture of music and its related media from both the local and international scene. Notorious for handing out his own silkscreened T-shirts to colleagues and friends, either for the self-promotion of his band or in paying tribute to other musical icons, Encinares has quickly evolved into incorporating his own witty one-liners, his parodies from observed social phenomena, and several visual puns into his projects, which bring to the fold both the humorist and the keen commentator in him.

In his present series of works, which is a collection of paper collages depicting iconic personalities from the field of art, music, politics, and popular entertainment, Encinares revitalizes the meaning of ‘tribute’ through his own process of art-making. These paper collages are borne from the same material that these personalities were enshrined—through magazines, newspapers, and their own posters. The look and feel of each portrait elevates the meaning of popular culture to its soaring apex: pop icons depicted via pop art sensibilities. The final product becomes a sweeping reference to the art of the 60’s as reinforced by subjects that were derived from the same era: Warhol, Lou Reed, John Peel, Jimi Hendrix, and Elvis. But the homage does not stop there. Contemporary icons, with the inclusion of Michael Jackson, Manny Pacquiao, The Pope, and even local artist and teacher, the late Roberto Chabet, make their way to Encinares’ honor roll.

These collages, which are a voluminous collection of iconic faces and poses, transmit a decadent feel upon viewing them in their totality. The rambling colors from a pastiche of source materials; the confusion of printed texts scattered across their faces; the references in the background that reinforce the identity of each character, make up for an ominous interpretation of history as portrayed through an unsettling timeline of hero-worship. This is where the adherence to pop culture by an artist such as Erick Encinares suddenly gains ground. We are thrust into a web of both homage and nostalgia, to both acknowledging and fetishizing loss. And this allows for a strong case on how articles and personalities of the past can be stripped off from their original contexts so we can lay claim for their appropriate usage in our own time. Either through inspiration or reprobation, Erick Encinares has laid claim to such usage.

Acknowledging the stranglehold that popular entertainment has on daily life, Encinares seeks out a platform that can transmit his own passion—a passion that is fueled by music and which has inevitably ignited the penchant for visual art. This has been an old-age correspondence: music and imagery; and artists like Encinares had been well aware of this fact and has decided to cross the threshold as a way of affirming how art and music complement each other.

The case for Erick Encinares’ Unlipop! Is a case for acknowledging influences. And influences, in speaking truthfully about them, can be primarily found on the bright surfaces of popular media and entertainment. Directly or indirectly, we all have given our salutations to our own icons through one form or another. The case of Encinares paying tribute to his own, whether as a mocking gesture or as necessary offerings, revives the believer in us as who stands, wide-eyed, as a seeker of catalysts, a seeker of icons, a seeker of heroes, a seeker of inspiration, or plainly—as a seeker of that recognizable face among the crowds of both past and present, claiming our own histories through them.

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Pie in the Sky

Artist/Type of Exhibit : Ren Quinio

Date : April 22, 2016

Time : 7PM

There is a vast wilderness that many of us have never seen before. There are some great adventures travelled in the simplest way there is in our daily lives. Seeking this needs not to conquer the air, oceans, stars and the mountains. Some great adventures are just there within our inner universe. In his 4th instalment, Ren Quinio gives us a peek on landscapes we have never seen before. A place where his characters thrive in and created a world that is merely impossible.

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BlueHousePH_Poster viv

Blue House: Manila

Artist/Type of Exhibit : Frida Kahlo Tribute Show

Date : March 31, 2016

Time : 6PM

The first stop in a travelling “Blue House” exhibition series, this tribute show, kicking off in Manila, will feature modern day interpretations of Frida Kahlo and her body of work through the eyes of local and international artists across a spectrum of mediums, celebrating an icon.
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