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I Reject Your Reality, I Substitute My Own

Artist/Type of Exhibit : Jonathan Olazo, Van Tuico, Alvin Villaruel

Date : July 22, 2016

Time : 6PM

An artist, by profession, creates realities.

Reality is often seen as singular; a singular entity that we are all a part of and an array of universal truths everyone lives by. Yet it is also seen as anything but singular; that we live in a world with a multitude of realities existing simultaneously, with each person carrying a piece of it in their pocket. Realities are birthed at the break of new horizons, new experiences and new creations, proving an endless universe of realities found in a single moment. Perhaps the only thing singular about it is that reality exists. In his craft, an artist lends himself to a different mental state, another consciousness that filters out the visual information he absorbs to create an envisioned reality unique to anything before its genesis. Each piece is a culmination of an array of beliefs, interpretations and reactions to other realities; personal truths manifested on a canvas.

In “I Reject Your Reality, I Substitute My Own”, Van Tuico, Jonathan Olazo and Alvin Villaruel gives light to the rebellious nature of an artist. How in creating their ideal reality, rejects all else; mavericks at their very core. In true mutineer fashion, the show, though singular in entity, joins three distinct artists with three different styles, substituting the realities they’ve been given to a construct of their own. For what is reality but the truth that we choose to exist in?

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You Will Destroy This Planet

Artist/Type of Exhibit : Darrel Ballesteros

Date : June 30, 2016

Time : 6PM

It’s no secret that the ground we stand on is that of a crippled, dying world. For years the red flags have been raised, the warnings have been called, and the stakes are set higher as time passes. The living die by the hoards, millions washed away on the shores, countless species made extinct, the seasons and even earth’s topography has changed drastically over such a short amount of years; all of which are caused by the one track mind of a specie that mostly cares about getting newer gadgets and what’s on Facebook and not the space they’re living in. Change has been at full force this past decade. The world has reached a point of alarming transformation due to the increasing demands of a materialistic, consumerist world; one that does not transpire good fortune. Despite the changes that bleakly emerge around us, one crucial variable remains the stubbornly unchanged. We’re all still stubborn as hell.

Stupidity, apathy and ignorance is a badge man has worn all too well in this plight. Depends of course on how you define ‘well’. Despite years of already knowing the hazards of our habits, man still harbors it’s one most fatal flaw: that we can’t seem to see or feel beyond what’s in front of our eyes and what’s outside of our bubble. Apparently a problem indirectly felt, and maybe to some not even at all, is no problem at all. It’s a tragedy really. To know you’re the cause of your doom and nonchalantly go about life as if it weren’t. To step off the edge with gleeful abandon.

In Darren Ballesteros’ show he puts all the cards on the table for all to see in a manic candy-colored imitation of man’s rather disturbingly relaxed ease into his own suicide. A convoluted mix of candy and collapse, this show is a message rather bluntly put. You will destroy this planet. Not that you already are.

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Beach Houses

Artist/Type of Exhibit : Teo Esguerra

Date : June 30, 2016

Time : 6PM

Beach Houses is a collection of paintings of houses on seascape photographs that explore the artist’s poetry of his fascination and perspective of people and their personalities as they embody a structure that often feel safe, open, intimate yet at times unfamiliar, uncertain and disconnected — regardless of his relationship with them.

Esguerra’s years of photographing family members, friends and strangers in his own safe environment and sojourn in different and unfamiliar places unconsciously unveiled an understanding of his purpose for making art through relating to people backed with his strong family ties. His personal struggles with staying true to his artistic work are slowly coming to terms, especially with painting, thus producing this collection.

The acrylic-painted houses are superimposed on Esguerra’s small prints personally hand-printed in the darkroom while the bigger ones are archival prints from a local printing shop. They don’t necessarily represent any particular architectural style or period. The sea, on the other hand, acts as the houses’ emotional backdrop. As Esguerra relates it, “The sea symbolizes life in general, vast and uncertain.”

The interrelated pieces of artworks reach to find its own home in us. In Burning House, Esguerra depicts the ashen grey house by the rocky beach as a physical and inner sense of an individual’s igniting passion. Bird House resonate an open yet temporary refuge for those yearning for freedom. Flying House relates closely to the artist.

Beach Houses invites us to examine our relationship with ourselves and others with pure intentions and without prejudice. Esguerra’s paintings provide a sense of relief and familiarity amidst its dark tone that mirrors the solace or ambiguousness we feel from our personal encounters.

We are all like houses drifting in a beautiful and scary open sea.

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