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Artist/Type of Exhibit : Mr.S

Date : August 09, 2017

Time : 6:00PM

Farewells are often said at the onset of change, and in life, change is the non-negotiable. It happens in every facet of living and the act of parting becomes second nature. Often times change happens beneath the surface, like a strong current pulling and pushing underneath still waters. And like currents, a change in one’s self is more often than not a change unbeknownst to the naked eye.

There lies a fluidity with change that happens within. It happens whether one likes it or not. Change does not ask for permission. It is subtle and creeping, yet encompassing and, at times, eclipsing. Inevitable and powerful, an inner alteration is a ripple effect that penetrates past the skin. It affects not only the self but how one relates to the things and the people around them. It, in effect, can spark a change in others. But fare warning, the change within does not always coincide with the change of others. A farewell within may cause a farewell to those who knew the you you said goodbye to.

Mr.S’ Farewell is an homage to change, and all that we gain and lose in the process.

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Since The Death Of Painting Everyone Has Been Fucking The Corpse

Artist/Type of Exhibit : Manuel Ocampo, Jayson Oliveria, Carlos Ricafort, and Gerardo Tan

Date : July 18, 2017

Time : 6:00PM

Manuel Ocampo

Jayson Oliveria

Carlos Ricafort

Gerardo Tan

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Art Appreciation

Artist/Type of Exhibit : Mike Crisostomo

Date : July 18, 2017

Time : 6:00PM

When we go to an art exhibit, what is our primary reaction to the works being displayed? Can we still quantify as authentic such a response? What does genuine response actually mean and entail? Are responses obligated by our societal relationships and transactional duties in this scene? Have we really learned how to look at artworks properly? Do we not see forms as they are, the composition of a work in relation to scale and format? How about medium in relation to the density of a stroke, the trajectories and conjectures of subject matter and theme to the artist’s intention? Or is it all merely procedural as shows go on being mounted every month, and pictures of them get avalanched by the digital dust of more recent postings?

Yet artists create more works, galleries put-up more shows, expand into bigger spaces to belie or affirm rather, the routine of it all. Why do we, really? To appreciate means to be fully aware of the worth of something, or to regard or value something highly, or to be keenly sensitive in enjoying something deeply or fully.

In viewing Mike Crisostomo’s work, do we take time to observe how vivid colors offset each other, how they flow into rivulets of milky streams or spasm into candy-colored vomit, how land forms crystallize into prism sunsets? The images may all be too familiar, culled from regurgitated studies like dried paint flakes rubbed off from a palette board, but filtered through the views of someone suffering from color blindedness, a handicap used instead as a trump card. Landscape had been a constant subject matter as it had always been the most forgiving to be distorted and abstracted in multiple ways. It seems second nature to paint it in the most explosive and flamboyant way, that painting in such a manner or style becomes its own being. To hell with depictions of grandeur, Mike paints them how they may exist as paintings, as art, as an object for appreciation, the genuine one, of course.

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