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Within You Without You

Artist/Type of Exhibit : Jose Gabriel Naguiat

Date : Jan 14, 2017

Time : 6PM

These artifacts are nothing but acrylic spraypaint applied to a primed cotton canvas, stretched onto pieces of assembled wood. Only through one’s perception are they given an opportunity to reveal themselves —much like how something as mundane as the clouds in the sky can manifest into majestic, glorious visions or stir up subtle layers of nameless emotion.

These paintings communicate through relationships. How one color placed next to another can give birth to a third. How certain tints and shades can bring lightness or darkness to the ones around it. How a sharply defined edge renders shape and direction to a smoky, formless haze. How bumps and scratches on an otherwise smooth surface inflicts indelible depth through the influence of light and shadow. And finally, how the viewer relates to all these elements pieced together.

Ultimately, these pieces only really exist within you. Without you, they are as indifferent and forgettable as the strangers you come across in everyday life.

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Stress In Numbers

Artist/Type of Exhibit : Chalk Zaldivar

Date : Jan 14, 2017

Time : 6PM

In his latest series, STRESS IN NUMBERS, Chalk Zaldivar snarkily illustrates his bottled exasperation of people in multitudes, blatantly denouncing the idea that there is strength in numbers. Regular everyday frustration caused by the unnecessary abundance of people just about everywhere led the artist to what you may call a spin-off of his successful “Ugly Truth” series.
Armed with his peculiar brand of stylized portraits, Zaldivar rants about the stressful and toxic encounters with nameless individuals, whose general lack of comprehension and sense of order have somehow ruined what could have been a beautiful day, or an ideal society. The artist channels his vexations through sneering and comical depictions of these anonymous people, played up with a pop of colors that are a perfect visual sarcasm, and finished off with equally unapologetic titles. Further to his intent, the use of ordinary tiles is a deliberate protest against the sentiment that everyone is special and unique, which often leads to misplaced self-importance.
“Go anywhere and observe people. You’ll realize most are dispensable with nothing better to do than add to the disorder in the world.” Call him callous, he wouldn’t care less. Zaldivar continues to be relentless in his audacity and humor, as shown in his craft. And if only you can be as completely honest with yourself, abandoning decorum for a second, you might find yourself agreeing with him.

- Zyla Quiambao

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Odds and Ends

Artist/Type of Exhibit : PSP

Date : December 7, 2016

Time : 6PM

Writings on walls, sticker parties and street signage, wheat-pasted images on lamp posts, stenciled figures, electric boxes and one liner art spray-painted on roll ups.

A view of surroundings that captivate you while out in the streets, riding a jeepney on a lazy chaotic afternoon everyday. Bits and pieces of art placed in unfamiliar spaces like a puzzle that makes us wonder and leaves us in awe. It is something odd.

Markers, stickers, wheat pastes, stencils, latex and spray-paints mixed with curiosity on something interesting outside the context of traditional art making and venue.

Pilipinas Street Plan celebrates its 10thyear in its dedication to making art in the streets. A decade of urban artistry. To end its year-long celebration, a documentary will be shown featuring PSP together with pieces made by different crews that made the street scene alive and kicking.

After all, PSP is a community that continues to grow and is committed to showcasing ephemeral art on the streets, while working hand in hand with creative individuals who are passionate in sharing their art in public.

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