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The Diary of Jellyfish Kisses

The Diary of Jellyfish Kisses

Artist/Type of Exhibit Anton Belardo

Date Feb 11, 2017

Time 6 PM

Who is Jellyfish Kisses?

Jellyfish Kisses, was created by Anton Belardo not only to represent himself as an artist, but also to reflect an emerging side of his own persona. She is not a fictional character, but rather a semi-incarnate form of his constantly evolving traits—borne of social awkwardness and avoidance. Anton and Jellyfish Kisses live as one, sometimes chaotically, sometimes harmoniously, achieving balance through contradicting and complimentary ideas. The more time they spend together, the more they merge, in effect creating one seamless individual.


Chapter One

Bed Stains: How they got there

Bed Stains is the first of several chapters. It revolves around the bed— the most personal piece of furniture one can ever own. The relationship between a bed and one’s intimate moments is much like the relationship between a diary and one’s intimate thoughts.  The exposed sheet serves as the blank page, waiting to be filled with one’s hopes and dreams, one’s deepest darkest secrets, oftentimes ending in pleasure or in pain.

This chapter explores the artist’s experiences with love, sex, and mental health. Every lover embodies a distinct memory—the wrinkle of abandonment, the stained expectation, the messy truth. What starts as a perfectly made bed, ends as a crumpled heap. But a new day begins, and one awakens despite the burdens of the past. The bed is made once again, and life goes on.

The artist journeys to the past to reexamine some of these failed attempts in an effort to gain perspective, to fully understand what happened. It is a painful yet cathartic exercise.

But letting go was never meant to be easy.

Each painting is a page within the chapter, a fraction of the artist’s story that will eventually be seen as a whole. The days in and out of that bed are seen through moments of clarity, of confusion, of isolation, of suffocation. More often than not depression is a constant companion, a part of everyday life—as ordinary as a pair of shoes. Sometimes the shoes are shoved under the bed, forgotten, sometimes they beg to be worn, clinging not to the soles of one’s feet, but to the souls within. It is through this process that one learns to cope, to heal—to go on living.


Bed Stains: How to spot them

Walking into a pink frilly room, everything seems normal, the veneer intact. But upon closer inspection details emerge—a semen stained sheet, tears on a pillow, a false eyelash in a carton of uneaten food, a puddle of vomit by the bathroom door. The veneer distorts itself—confusion, delusion, misconception tucked within the folds of reality. It becomes unclear whether the scene is a memory, or a moment trapped between a cotton candy-colored nightmare and consciousness.

The bystander is curious at first, delighted by the bright, and the pretty, and the cute. But it doesn’t take long for discomfort to appear, making them sweat, making them step back and look away. Because the bystander isn’t prepared for the ugliness—they only want to see that pink frilly room.

Nothing else.


Sagrada Semilya

Artist/Type of Exhibit Frances and Kris Abrigo

Date Feb 11, 2017

Time 6 PM




















































Hi Pauper’s Grave

Artist/Type of Exhibit : Anton Belardo

Date : Feb 11, 2017

Time : 6PM

“I draw inspiration in my work from popular expressions found in art, current events as well as in music – namely hip-hop and jazz. Like music, the images form on the surface emanating from an abstract source sprinkled with the subconscious. The forms produced are malleable and interchangeable the way language functions as a carrier of ideas and experiences. Picture-making therefore is one way to interweave all these contexts allowing me to explore and play with both content and form. In my current work, the pictorial space has a sense of being cramped as if dictated by a crisis at hand (holding a brush). The surface is cacophonic with complex players involved in chromatic gestural episodes, textured meta-narratives, time-based tonal developments, and a free associative composition in harmony with the contemporaneous moment. The crisis – capitalism in limbo after “hitting the fan” – affects the personal to the societal leaving us to confront its claustrophobic ramifications.”
- Carlo Ricafort
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