Introducing the Vinyl on Vinyl line-up


Teo Esguerra


Once victim to the ingenuine act of creating for every cause but self-expression, Teo Esguerra has now become a changed man. With a renewed belief that art should always be personal, a process done for the sake and desire of self-expression, he since has done nothing but.

He chose his mediums (photograph and paint) because photography is very close to him, it’s his way of life, coping with things, and telling stories. It is like breathing for him. He tried to combine the two because he was challenged to go back to his first love, painting.

Esguerra graduated from Far Eastern University, Bachelor of Fine Arts Major in Advertising. He has won several awards and has had several exhibitions around the metro, including “Beach Houses” in Vinyl on Vinyl last June 2016.


Teo’s Playlist: