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Isobel Francisco


Isobel “Iso” is a  visual artist who has just recently gotten into the swing of making art for an audience and looking relatively presentable at galleries since December 2011.

She is a graduate of Ateneo de Manila University with a major in Humanities (Literature and Fine Arts) and minor in Japanese Studies. With oil and graphite as her primary weapons of choice, she is also well versed in ink and digital tools.

Her liquid flexibility with art styles often takes the shape of the theme and occasion. However, one can also recognize her preference with vivid shades of red, blue, and purple, as well as the piercing expressions of her subjects — often strong, stubborn, and struggling. While a copywriter by profession, she has been participating in various group exhibitions and art events immediately after her debut show in LRI Design Plaza, Makati in December 2011.

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