Introducing the Vinyl on Vinyl line-up


Gabby Tiongson


Born in 1985 in Iloilo City, Philippines, Gabby Tiongson practically drew everywhere to escape routine.  While he completed a degree in physical therapy, his natural talent for illustration led him to a successful t-shirt design venture with a group of friends, and later, to his first solo show at Vinyl on Vinyl.

Gabby executes his distinctive illustration style using Sharpies (his “best friends”). Organic and intuitive, his creative output is a manifestation of his awesome childhood. His first solo exhibition “Neurana,” in 2011, revealed the artist’s playful, sarcastic, vibrant and at times dark themes.

Since then, Gabby has exhibited work in galleries across Metro Manila, Korea and Singapore. A staple at live art events, he has also collaborated with the likes of Aaron Woes Martin (USA), Arkiv Vilmansa (Indonesia), Wanton Doodle (Singapore) and other artists from around the globe.

Gabby’s Playlist: