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Artist/Type of Exhibit : Fiona Helena, Gerecho Iniel, Karina Ulpindo, Cenon Norial x Mav Bernardo, Ikea Rizalon, Neil Arvin Javier, Rowshan Begum, Tiffany Lafuente

Date : February 10

Time : 6:00 PM

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Under The Vanilla Sky

Artist/Type of Exhibit : Rene Cuvos

Date : February 10

Time : 6:00 PM

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Middle Ground

Artist/Type of Exhibit Nemo Aguila, Darrel Ballesteros

Date : January 12

Time : 6:00PM

Two opposing notions are often found in both ends of a spectrum and neither meet without compromise. Needs and wants are one of those tried and true pairs. Two divergent ideas that have been put against each other for years and remains to be a main fixture in today’s society. Often viewed as a choice of either this or that, a life focused on necessity or desire is often the dilemma. But despite this, two opposing notions never truly remain black or white. 

Between two extreme oppositions lies an area of compromise; a space in which one can have the luxury of both, but at the expense of having to work twice as much. The middle ground is the sweet spot that comes with a price. It is a conscious effort at balance, never a chance encounter or something one bumps into happenstance. It is work. But should we be surprised? Nothing worth having ever comes easy. 

 In Middle Ground, Nemo Aguila and Darrel Ballesteros meet halfway with two different styles, one dark and the stuff ominous legends are made of, and the other leaning towards a colorful systematic playfulness. A common thread brings the two together to create a reflection of the intricacies of creating a balance between passion and obligation.

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