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Who’s filling up the walls of VOV?

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Against a backdrop of blood and homicide, born out of the rejection of war, blind conformity and the destructive familiarity of reality, Dadaism was a rebellion. A movement with a... Read more +

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Blic Pinas's expansion into wild hearted narratives seems only natural, once you realize how much time he spends making art. He'd like to think that it's not that big of... Read more +

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Clothing often reflects a social assignment and dressing involves a meticulous process of restaging of self. As ethnographic elements, garments insist social codes in the context of everyday living... Read more +

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Vinyl on Vinyl is an eclectic venue merging art, toys and music in one space. The art gallery is dedicated to featuring modern-day pop culture artists seeking to find a venue to showcase and explore their art amidst the conventional setting. The gallery space reflects the lifestyle and passion of its artists influenced by contemporary, street and underground art. More about the gallery +